4 tips on how to prepare your cars during winter

Bored of having more time on your hands during lockdown 2.0? 

Here are 4 tips on how to prepare your cars this winter.

Winter is coming! Throughout these upcoming months, drastic weather and a drop in temperature can lead to more breakdowns and car problems. There would be nothing worse than a broken car during our second lockdown as a business whose purpose is to put more used cars onto the roads. 

It’s never too early to start preparing and there is lots to be done. As there is no doubt this year has already been tough enough, what’s one more little challenge for used car dealers when you’re probably bored and have a bit more time on your hands? This blog will save you, providing a list of quick checks in order to get your vehicles cold weather ready.

1. Frequent tyre checks.

Possibly the most important step for getting your car ready this winter. Make sure you’re installing quality and good condition ‘winter’ tyres because it will make all the difference in your driving performance. You’ll also have comfort in mind knowing that they will keep you safe on slippery roads. Using a minimum of 3mm in depth, your tyres will have a better grip on the road.

2. Check the battery.

Throughout winter, the battery suffers from a dramatic drop of extremely low temperatures. This can effectively reduce the output, meaning it increases the amount of light and heat produced, which puts the battery into strain. In order to sell your cars, you’ll need to check and make sure the battery is fully charged and in good condition or replace it if necessary. 

3. Checking your oil level.

For your cars to perform well this festive season, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re checking your oil level. Making sure it’s not too low and it has the right consistency. RAC.co.uk found that one in three vehicle’s oil level was dangerously low which can inevitably cause a breakdown and engine damage. Always make sure you are using the correct oil for that type of vehicle beforehand.

4. Washing your cars in winter.

You may not think too much about washing your cars in winter, but it’s actually an important role in caring for your vehicle’s performance. The best tack tick is to get a good wash and wax before the build up of snow, ice, sand etc begins. This will prevent rust from occurring, provided that you take this action frequently. The build up usually favours around the front grille and around the tyres so make sure you keep an eye out.

You should also wash your windscreen and wipers thoroughly, inside and out. Look out for any chips in the windscreen as these can develop in cold weather conditions. 

Run your finger down the wiper blade checking for any tears. Carefully check the windshield wiper that you are using because for the best performance in very low temperatures, you’ll want a good quality working condition windshield wiper fluid that you can rely on, preferably with de-icing capabilities. 

Like we said at the beginning, every year we see an increase of breakdowns in winter so we hope that you take this advice on board to stay safe and get your cars serviced if you can’t perform so, just before winter really hits. This blog might just be the guidance you needed to take those little steps of precaution so you can be ready to relax and enjoy the Christmas season.