Why your used car dealership should embrace digital activity

Used car dealers are adapting their dealerships to the modern era of digital technology. The introduction of purely online competitors has driven the move, but there is still a lot more work to be done in order for used car dealers to get the most out of their multi-channel business.

Here’s what used car dealerships think about embracing digital activity:

  • Many existing used car dealerships are onboard with the increase in the online presence and have already made significant progress toward developing a more multi-channel strategy to successfully compete in the market.
  • Many traditional dealerships also believe that having physical showrooms gives them a competitive advantage against new solely online car dealerships.

Whilst it’s true that both a great online presence and a physical showroom can benefit a used car dealership, it’s important to focus on the consumer experience, as the majority of car buyers in the UK prefer an easy online process. After all, it was found that car buyers spend 59% of their time online researching before visiting a car dealer’s showroom.

User Experience


Used car buyers have clearly embraced multi-channel buying in recent years, and this is especially true among the younger generation, who are far more likely to complete the entire purchase online and more likely to purchase a used car than any other age demographic. 

Online car dealerships embraced every aspect of the online market, including providing purchasers with a two-week opportunity to test the car and return it if they’re not satisfied. This is superior to the typical practice of a one-hour escorted test drive, so this is certainly something your dealership should consider.

The smooth, seamless customer journeys offered by both digital specialists and some of the more digitally aware used car dealership groups have impressed this young audience. This includes the entire purchasing process, from car selection to the agreement of financing terms, supplementary services, and, finally, the delivery of the vehicle.

A great website brings leads


With their sub-optimal digital offering, used car dealers had been trailing other segments of the retail industry for some time. While the rest of the sector was dealing online, many only had a single holding webpage. Many traditional dealership groups, on the other hand, have strengthened their digital capabilities and hired digital teams that have aggressively sought to conduct transactions online, but why spend your money on a marketing agency when we are here to help you for free! Head over to our Connected Academy page for help with everything digital.

Buyers’ journeys within some showrooms can be clumsy at times. Most “traditional” dealers continue to use a lot of paper and old-school techniques, which is exactly why it’s vital to start climbing the ladder to success with digital marketing.

With advancements such as digital invoices and payment authorisations through apps and websites, there is lots of room for improvement when it comes to used car dealers’ current practices.

Transacting payments through online processing is unquestionably safer due to fraud detection systems in place. If you want to be more on the safe side against fraud (and who wouldn’t be?) read our blog to find out how you can protect your car dealership from cyberattacks and the 3 key indicators of potential fraud you should be aware of.

We understand that this can seem daunting and look like a lot of additional work you don’t need, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help you, and to do so we have partnered with Car Dealer 5 where you’re eligible for a free website to get your digital presence up and running and in front of your customers!

Content is key

Without a question, the adoption of more digitally progressive dealer management solutions that enable a seamless multi-channel approach would be a significant improvement, putting traditional dealers on a far more even playing field with their online-only competitors. With a smooth end-to-end workflow in place, they’ll be able to provide a far more immersive showroom experience.

This may also include selling your stock of used cars on YouTube. If you don’t know by now, YouTube is the second most used platform, with Google as the top most used, across the globe, that’s excellent for building your customer base and increasing leads. This can simply be done by creating weekly or monthly review videos on the cars that you have in stock, and your content can be built from there. This will also help increase your customer retention. Here is a list of the most popular used cars to help you get started.

Another digital-based innovation is the subscription model, in which cars are effectively rented for a monthly fee that includes insurance, electric vehicle charging, maintenance, and the possibility to switch models at any time. With electric vehicles, the subscription model appears to be particularly successful, as it aids in the adoption of this new technology.

Dealers will be future-proofed to embrace these fundamental shifts in the industry if they have a slick multi-channel capability backed by a dealer management system that operates seamlessly across channels. Then, and only then, will they be able to fully utilise their online potential?

Please contact us if you have any questions about how we can assist you with digital transformation.