How to improve your car sales service

The foundation of every sale at your used car dealership is excellent customer service. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the service, they will just go to the next used car dealership on their list that they researched on search engines. A customer who receives exceptional customer service, however, can become a lifelong customer – especially once you’ve preceded them with a PCP deal with us.

As a result, the quality of customer service provided by your used car dealership has a direct impact on your profit intake. We aim to get the best possible results for your used car dealership, so why not get started with our 7 top tips on how you can improve your car sales services this year.


1. Develop and implement online content

Did you know that a whopping 80% of the car-buying researching process now takes place online? [BusinessWire] This means that car buyers look for information online before visiting a local used car dealership.

Consumers are researching and examining everything about their desired used vehicle, from mileage to driving experience. Take the time to generate educational and engaging information that will assist customers through guiding and informing them to reach their purchasing decision with your used car dealership. Here is a list of the best forms of content this information could be in:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog articles
  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • FAQs, whether this is in video or text on your website

This content portrays your used car dealership as a trusted advisor and a beneficial dealership, in addition to providing them with specific vehicle knowledge. It’s worth noting that customers aren’t always looking for the cheapest used car. They’re looking for a used car dealership that will answer their inquiries and assist them to get the ideal used car for their needs in a quick and reasonable time frame. They are looking for trust and company value.


2. Inspire your sales team to use social media

Many modern businesses these days use social media networks to acquire new clients. Why not urge your sales team to do the same? They can utilize their platforms in order to attract customers you may not be finding through your online presence. Providing the branding is correct, your sales team, internal and external, can use their platforms to show personality and thoughtfulness, which is proven to be a key indicator when it comes to customers making the final purchasing decision.

To generate a local and regional following, encourage your sales team to build professional social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms your audience are utilizing. This provides your salespeople with the creative medium they want to increase sales and maintain customer connections. It also allows them to spotlight the latest and relevant used car news, educate clients about the used car-buying process, and speak with potential buyers on a one to one. After all, when shopping for a used car, social media is a popular researching source that is popular among used car buyers.

3. Reduce the length of the sales process

Only 46% of buyers are satisfied with the length of their car buying procedure, according to research.

Make every effort to reduce the length of the sales process for customers while maintaining a high degree of value. In addition to educating consumers before the initial interaction, your used car dealership could make use of digital signatures and take advantage of online forms. 

It’s worth having a high-speed internet connection in your dealership, since it’s also an impactful part of a sales process. Perhaps customers can schedule test drives online.

Maybe customers can schedule test drives online. Additionally, you could have buyers fill out a brief questionnaire about their car-buying needs when they contact your dealership for information or a test drive.


4. Enable customers to give feedback

Allow customers to give their opinion via Google and Trustpilot etc regarding their car-buying experience. Use a free survey tool like Google Forms to get feedback from new and existing customers. Allow them to review the sales process, their salesperson, their vehicle and the quality of it etc.

From this you can also gain entail about your customers which you can use to your advantage to improve your used car dealership. This will help you formulate better ways to enhance your customer relations and sales strategies.

5. Turn Your Mistakes Into Profits

You can instruct your sales team to follow up with those customers who haven’t fallen through to complete a purchase or simply written a bad review. Chase those lost used car buyers to figure out how to make things right. Make every effort to resolve whatever the initial issue was, and attempt to win the customer’s trust. This demonstrates to customers that your team is concerned about the quality of service they provide, resulting in lifelong customers for your used car dealership.

According to studies in 2019, 25% of those approached after a mishandled incident convert.

6. Focus on Employee Satisfaction

It goes without saying that if your workers don’t feel supported, they won’t be able to deliver the best customer service possible. Your current and potential consumers will receive better service if your employees are happy and well motivated. Simply ask your staff members what they need to do their jobs well.

7. Celebrate a Helping Company Culture

It’s easy to focus solely on getting people into your stock selection of used cars when your company’s success is determined by how many cars are sold annually. From the customer’s standpoint, however, this hard-sell strategy is deceptive and unsettling.

As an alternative to a hard-sell strategy, you can create a company culture that prioritizes helping customers. This can help your car dealership improve customer service and increase overall earnings. Customers will know that your team cares about their requirements, worries, and experience if you take the time to answer their inquiries or go above and beyond to fix an issue. This will also lead to excellent company reviews. Sometimes the greatest profitable sales come from simply assisting a customer.

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