No sales to lose in lockdown 2.0

As we reach a day closer to the second national lockdown for England on Thursday, leaving businesses panicking once again, we’ve decided that for today’s blog we want to give you 5 points to reassure you that your independent used car dealership business won’t necessarily have to lose sales. In fact, we’re confident that your business can be even more successful over the next month.

1. Offering remote buying options

From the first national lockdown across the UK, for those that don’t already know, we have an e-sign option which is an easy way for your customers to agree with our, yours and the lenders terms and conditions when they finance a car through us. All of our paperwork can be done online including signing the finance agreement – this is available with most of our lenders, but not all. Those customers who we are unable to offer the e-sign option will get their documents via post at no extra charge. 

2. Videos and Video calls

As a used car dealer, I’m sure you’re aware that customers rely on honesty. This is why we now suggest video calls between you and your customers so that they can get a detailed look at the vehicle they’re interested in as an alternative option to meeting face to face. You can show them what that engine sounds like, turn the lights on and allow your customer to ask questions there and then. 

If you’re advertising cars online, it is a great idea to record and upload videos of the cars instead of pictures only. Short videos tend to engage the audience more and they are more likely to capture someone’s attention. It also demonstrates trustworthiness for customers. Read about using video as a marketing tool for used car dealers here.

3. Utilise online platforms

Research found that in April 2020, during the national lockdown, people were spending 21% more time on social media in the UK ( This implies that due to a second lockdown with people stuck at home, these statistics will rise again. 

It’s also a good idea to advertise on car selling web pages in order to reach higher engagement. Using other online platforms such as Google might also be handy. Check out this step by step guide on Connected Academy episode: Advertising on Google for Free. 

4. Remote sign up

For those that aren’t with us, but wish to be, then now is your perfect opportunity. We’ve set up a remote sign up option, where dealers can sign up to work with us and connect to a panel of lenders easily all on one online platform. You can also get business advice and support from our amazing Dealer Connecters. Our remote dealer set up will still be available over lockdown 2.0, all you have to do is contact us and a dealer connector will be in touch.

5. Observe the current market

As we’re well aware, since the outburst of the virus, people have been voiding public transport as much as possible which led to an increase in used car sales as it provided people with a safer way to commute with comfort in mind. Since the announcement of a second lockdown, we are expecting the same results to reoccur. Therefore, as an independent used car dealership, you have the lead in business and we advise taking this advantage by focussing on posting quality content regularly to make sure you get the best out of the situation. 

If you have any inquiries, please get in touch with us and one of our dealer connectors will reach out. If you found this episode reassuring and helpful – share with your used car dealer friends so they can also acknowledge that lockdown 2.0 will not necessarily affect them. 

Follow our socials today and keep on top of other relevant content that can help your business during these circumstances – we’re not alone, we’re always Connected no matter the distance.