Tips and Tricks to Clean Up Used Cars

Don’t let pet hair stop your sales!

Dogs are part of the family and if we could we would take them everywhere with us, imagine how much fun work would be! The only downside is the hair they leave behind in the car which we don’t clean as often as we should because it’s a time consuming chore that no one enjoys. Every dog owner is aware of what a pain it can be but we wouldn’t change them for the world. Especially used car dealership workers who are constantly busy but always want to maintain a polished first impression for their customers. However, with these simple and easy tips, your cars can look spotless and smell fresh free of that unwanted doggy scent within minutes!

1.Fabric softener

It’s a simple way to remove pet hair that lurks around your car that gets stuck in the seats. These ingredients used in fabric softener are especially designed to remove hair which is perfect to use as everyone has access to this product at home or can be bought at a cost effective price so you can make more money with your sales.

2.Vacuum Cleaner

Standard vacuums used for the household are handy to use and best for lifting hairs stuck in seats and carpets. It seems simple enough but if you don’t have a plug handy, handheld vacuums work well too. You’re most likely to have a vacuum handy in the office store room from cleaners so this is a cost effective and time consuming way to get rid of those unwanted hairs and can almost get rid of that smell.

3.Pumice Stone

Pumice is a reliable way to remove hairs from car seats when applied with soap, ready for your customers to be satisfied with your products. The scratchy texture helps lift hair from the carpet or polyester seats in minutes. All you have to do is apply gentle pressure and the hair will remove the hairs. This can be bought at any grocery store for a cheap price and any type will work! 

4.Sticky Tape

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, fabric softener or don’t have the time to go out and buy pumice stone, then sticky tape is your saver! You can still get rid of pet hair. It’s the simplest technique to use. However, it is more time consuming and not as effective as the previous techniques. However, this is still an effective way to temporarily get rid of the hairs ready for your customers to use.

Finally, to make your car smell nice, you can simply use febreze or any other kind of air freshener for that matter for your used cars to create that new and clean car smell which we all love. To finish off, you can add a car air freshener over the centre mirror to give a fresh and professional car dealership look that will help the scent stay alive for longer.

Removing Stains from Used Cars

Whether your kids have spilt milk or your coffee was too hot that you accidentally spilt it in a car you were selling at a car dealership, then this blog is your saviour.

Use a bottle mix of two thirds water, one third vinegar and a few dashes of dishwasher soap. Spray this onto the spilt area so it is drenched with the mixture. Work into the solution on the car seat with a stiff bristled brush or a clean sponge. Then allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing with water. Then blot it down with a clean cloth before opening the windows to allow it to air out in the sun because otherwise spilled milk odors can become trapped in the moisture and grow.

Always wipe any spills immediately. The longer milk, coffee or any kind of liquid spill sits, the harder it becomes to remove the stain and the smell. Therefore, the sooner you soak up the mess, the better chances that it prevents the odor from forming.

In order to keep the used cars clean and prevent stains in the future, we recommend that you regularly vacuum the seats and shake the car floor mats as a way to prevent bad odors and you should consider having a deep clean every now and then.

Removing cigarette smell

Cigarette smell is instantly recognisable, especially when you get into a car but whether you love it or hate it, it gets everywhere. It absorbs into the seats where the nicotine scent lingers. Usually, if you are used to smoking while driving you most likely don’t notice it but it affects all the passengers and even pets. 

Used car dealerships, don’t worry. Cigarette smoke doesn’t reduce car values as long as you have deep cleaned it out so that you can sell it onto customers as a high quality used car that is just as good as a new car. If cars still smell of nicotine when customers are viewing them, they will immediately reconsider because even though they want to buy a used car they still expect quality which all car dealers are aware of.

But fear not because it is very possible to get rid of cigarette smell. 

1.The first step is to clear out the ashtrays. (sounds a bit obvious)

2.Then open all doors and windows to let the clean air in. 

3.Remove all car seat covers and mats from the car.

4.Thoroughly vacuum all areas of the car including the seat covers and mats that you removed.

5.Then completely wash and rinse them ready to be put back in the car. If the smell still slightly remains and the quality has faded then consider replacing them with new ones. 

However, in order to take action on these steps, you will need some home expenses to remove cigarette smell from cars, choose whichever examples you prefer to include.

White vinegar. This is a great defense against nicotine smell, simply pour the vinegar into a bowl to leave in your car overnight which will absorb the odor.

Baking powder. This is commonly used against that smoke smell. To use this effectively you can just sprinkle some on the mats, seat covers and carpet to rub in thoroughly before vacuuming it.

Coffee grounds. This is another highly effective method to remove nicotine scent from your used cars. It’s a fast active technique which is most likely to mask the odor. 

Citrus Fruit. Leave peels of a variety of any citruses such as lemon, limes and oranges in your car for a few days and you can see the process of how the smoke is absorbed and replaced with a tangy scent. This is a very natural solution to remove any smell.

Any of these methods can effectively get rid of that nicotine smell so you can sell your cars with ease knowing your cars are fit for them. Therefore, these are the best and handy techniques but if you are still not satisfied then you can have a professional car wash as an addition.