Episode 1: Video Marketing

In this first episode of Connected Academy, we will talk about why used car dealers should use video content on their social media channels. Recording a video ad for a car these days does not require anything but a phone with a camera and internet connection. A simple video can make a big difference in how many people your post can reach.

In today’s digital age, taking advantage of social media is a must for all business owners. When it comes to used car dealerships, video content can really help you increase sales. It is also an effective way of building trust and showing off branding (such as logos, signs, and posters) without seeming too pushy.


For the past couple of weeks, we have been speaking to used car dealers to ask them about their use of digital marketing platforms such as social media, video or paid ads.

Here are three ways you can use video marketing to increase your sales:

  • Upload short videos of new arrivals
  • Suggest video chat for those customers enquiring from another city/county
  • Post Instagram stories frequently of your stock, contact details and opening hours

The Benefits

If you’re consistently uploading images of your cars, well done! Many dealers don’t find the time or know how to do this. However, videos are proven to generate more interest and engagement – meaning you get more opportunities to sell or even just talk to your potential customers and create a community.

You can include more information in a video and present it in smaller bits. Are you selling a car that has custom built-in speakers? Show it off in a video clip to highlight this feature – some people might be looking for a car with specific qualities, and showing them everything the car has to offer might be the reason they decide to contact you.

You can prove the car you are selling is in good working order by turning the engine on while filming. Many used car dealers mention this during our interviews – turning the headlights on, playing the radio, letting the engine run – ensuring it’s safe to do so – takes less than two minutes to set up and can win over customers from across the UK.

You can use your own voice to talk over the video while recording – make sure you mention all the important info. Most dealers that sell a big percentage of their cars via social media and other digital channels mentioned that they don’t even use any post-production software to edit the video – all they do is walk around their car while recording using their phone. 

Instagram Stories

An Instagram story stays visible to your followers for 24 hours. It is great for fast content that doesn’t need to stay up for long.

Instagram highlights let you display these 24 hours stories permanently on your page. This is great for evergreen content such as testimonials, FAQs, or announcements like new staff posts and awards.

Evergreen content is timeless – meaning it can stay prominent on your socials for a long period of time without becoming outdated. An example of non-evergreen content would be temporary opening hours during Christmas.

Good to Remember:

Short videos are better than long ones. People’s attention span isn’t the same as it used to be, and you need to cater to that. Include important info and your contact details, but don’t try to convey too many messages in a video for one car – unless it’s a collectible or a classic, then going into details might engage the customer more.

When recording cars, make sure you have some type of branding in the background – your company logo, website, or phone number.

Add location to your post, so you can attract a local audience easily. You can do this while uploading the photo to your Instagram. See Instagram’s tutorial on how to post your first picture on Instagram, along with other useful tips: https://help.instagram.com/442418472487929

Use hashtags that are relevant. We’ll be covering hashtags in a later episode of Connected Academy, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletters here: www.bit.ly/CCFACADEMY

Don’t use music or any copy written material – this can find your video being flagged up and taken down.

Include a Call to Action

If you know nothing about video editing – like most of us – you can always insert a call to action into the caption of the video you are uploading.

“Send us a message if you’re interested…”

“Call us on 0123456789 to arrange a test drive…”

Most people tell their friends and family if they are thinking about buying a car. This comes in handy when trying to sell a car, because even if the viewer is not looking for one – they might know someone who is.

“Tag a friend who …”

“Tag someone who’d love this car …”

Facebook Videos | Exercise

Next time you have a new arrival, try recording a short video and upload it to Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

1 – Prepare a script that summarizes key details and selling points of the vehicle you want to sell.

2 – Record walking around the vehicle in landscape mode on your phone.

3 – While walking around the car and recording, go by the script you prepared, so your voice-over gets recorded onto the video.

4 – You could leave the engine running, leave the doors open, and even leave the headlights on while you record.  This will show your customers that things are in working order and the car is ready to go.

5 – Review, then upload the video onto your social media with a caption that includes all the necessary info. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletters here: www.bit.ly/CCFACADEMY and like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more! Just search Connected Car Finance.