We’re Working from Home

It’s been just over a week since everyone at Connected started working from home. Although we’ve needed a day or two to get things perfect, we’re proud to say our team is adjusting well to this temporary situation. We’ve asked our team members to share their experiences of their first week working from home.

Jessica, our internal connector is enjoying #WFH. Her “get-stuff-done” attitude means she can still do everything she would do in the office, from her home. The only thing she’s missing is her second monitor – Jessica, I’m with you on that one. Hate working on one screen.

Her doggie is definitely the real winner here though, as now Jessica has more time to be around him. Having a dog close by must make processing the current situation at least a tiny bit easier, mental health can be fragile during a pandemic where you spend most of your time at home. Jessica combats this by exercising more and growing her own vegetables – “watching something grow every day is pretty therapeutic.”

Our external dealer connector Luke McCarthy usually spends a lot of his time driving miles and miles to see dealers, but this also means that he’s had a lot of catching up to do on admin. Luke is using this time to catch up on tasks and to schedule meetings/calls with dealers to help them with anything from finance to even their websites. Having breakfast and lunch in his garden, where he has time to clear his head sounds like a good way of relaxing throughout the day.

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Keeping in touch with dealers using WhatsApp, text and facetime lets Luke and Theo nurture customer relationships during the pandemic. Our other amazing dealer connector, Theo Bowers had a rocky beginning with the whole work from home thing.

“I’ve had an issue with the camera on my laptop which meant that Laura took extra time out of her diary to carry out a Facetime to my phone after the group video chat. Again, it just shows that communication is vitally important, and we are working even harder to keep the lines of communication well and truly open.”

A couple of dealers have expressed their appreciation to Theo for staying in touch with them. We want all our used car dealers and followers to know we’re still available should they have any questions regarding our products or just used car sales advice in general. Drop us a message on social media, email or call your dealer connector if you’re already working with us.

Theo spends a lot of time on learning useful info that he can then use to help dealers boost their business. These include studying dealer websites, proposal systems and the used car industry in general. Getting some fresh air once a day is important – and by fixing his bike Theo could now go on daily bike rides with the family.

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We’re not surprised that our amazing team is doing so well with the temporary transition, but it’s good to see – and share – how individuals can do little things for themselves to transition from office to home working. Checking in on each other via email, text or social media is a good way of keeping up the team spirit for those working from home.

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