How to Secure an Online Customer in 8 Seconds

Dealers are consistently being confronted with the most challenging task of all, grabbing consumers’ attention. Fortunately, dealers can now present their products to customers using a variety of strategies. 

The average user spends nearly 7 hours online each day.

With customers spending a significant amount of time online, they are often bombarded with an overload of information. So, how can you distinguish your business from your competitors?

The customer attention span is just around 8 seconds when retaining information online. []

You have on average 8 seconds to capture a customer’s attention online before they turn elsewhere. Meaning, if I haven’t already captured your attention by now, then I’ve lost you. Fortunately, the techniques we’ve listed can help you keep customers engaged while in-turn increasing car sales.

Not sure where to start, click here to learn how to register your business on Google.


Google ‘My Business’

Improve your visibility in search.  Because customers turn to search engines to research and find information, Google My Business plays a significant role in the car buying journey. Since 63 percent of shopping occasions begin online [Thinkwithgoogle, 2018], dealerships need to focus on their online presence.

Google (the most popular search engine) is a good way for people to find your business online. Therefore, in order to appeal to a customer, you must have an optimised ‘Google My Business page’.


So, how do you make sure your ‘My Business’ page is optimised and being seen?

1. Include images

Adding images is simple and is important when trying to get noticed Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, often resulting in images being more favourable than text. Include high-quality images of your dealership, showroom and stock to comply with Google’s best practices and attract new potential customers to your dealership. 

Tip: Make sure the file name is relevant to what the image is since this can help your Google ranking.

2. Add a description

Your audience needs to know instantly what you do and what you can offer them. Sum it up within one or two sentences without going into irrelevant detail.

3. Add your location on maps

How will your target audience find you? Verify your business location on Google using these simple steps and read our ‘Registering on Google’ guide to find out more. This is a significant factor in losing business as when customers search “used car dealerships near me,” Google suggests businesses based on their proximity.

4. Add basic contact information

Add a correct contact number and a link to your website. Updating your basic information and contact details is important when it comes to building your page.


5. Customer reviews

Reviews are vital to gaining new business. Did you know that customers are 91% more likely to purchase your products based on the number of positive reviews?

Reviews send a strong signal to both your customers and search engines that you are trustworthy. With this in mind, dealerships should always be looking for ways to receive customer feedback.

Tip: Why not start asking customers to review your business via email after you’ve completed a car sale.

6. Support your page with content

Any Marketer will tell you that in order for your customers to find you, you will need to create good quality content on your website. This inevitably ranks your website higher on search engines which improves your online visibility and the chance of your customers selecting you over a competitor.

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